Wow, what a crazy new year it has been so far! I have encountered so many new people, new opportunity, new adventure just within these previous three months of 2018. Going into this year I was optimistic that it would be a year of new growth, and so far, this belief has been unwavering. I am ecstatic for the new experiences and knowledge to come!

In the beginning of February I was offered the opportunity to move to Idaho for an unknown amount of time to house/dog sit. There was no way I could say no to a new place PLUS dogs! Win, win, win. So, I found myself Idaho bound within the next week. It has been a stirring journey with lots of new experience! Staying in this new area alone, I have learned so much about myself. Some days are more difficult than others because of being away from all of my loved ones, but it is a journey everyone should endure at least once; to really learn about ones true self.

The atmosphere here is inspiring! This area is known for its fly fishing, hiking, snowboarding, running, etc. fads. So I’m really feeling in my element here. I’ve ventured to the Owyhee river a couple times for some fishing and hiking, and I’ve also done some odds and ends hiking close to me. It is always so amazing to witness new landscapes, plants, and wildlife. It’s not extremely different from that of southern Oregon, but every area has its own unique sparks.


A few months ago, Sheridan planned a week long trip to Klamath to visit me. So after two weeks of being in Idaho I was making my way back to Klamath to reunite with a best friend. And wow what a week it was! We over-indulged in delicious food, good tequila, and bud light; sharing our festivities with delightful company. And what’s a reunion if Sherry and I don’t do something completely ridiculous? So with that, we also ventured out on what seemed like the longest, coldest hike of our entire lives. We trudged through snow and went up hill both ways for about six miles. It was never ending, but it was totally worth it. We also may have created a new tradition of getting a new tattoo every time we are reunited because we each got a tiny, new addition, but I’m always down for a new tradition. By the end of the week we were beat, but nevertheless we weren’t ready to part ways. Unfortunately, the best things have to come to an end, so Sheridan flew back to Colorado and I drove back to Idaho.

Now I am here, continuing to explore and learn more than ever. Watching the glorious southwestern Idaho sunrises and sunsets. Working on my future, self and career-wise. Taking in the ideals and consciousness around being “alone”. So far, it’s not too shabby!

Happy hiking. Happy days.

Nettie Pitman


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