Hiking: Upper Table Rock

10/10 highly recommend upper table rock trail. This trail is located in the beautiful Medford, Oregon and is such a nice hike. I have done this hike twice now and each time I loved it! This trail is moderately easy and casual and only 1.25 miles long. There are a few steep areas but really nothing too difficult. The view is absolutely amazing the whole way up and the trail is very clean. Both of the times I hiked up this trail I passed multiple families with small children. Speaking of, the last time I hiked it I was on my depart and a little boy  around the age of five or six, with, what I perceived, his dad and brother were hiking up. This little chipmunk was ahead of his family and when he saw me he stopped dead in his tracks and moved to the side of the trail while repeatedly saying, “Dad! There’s a girl!” We all exchanged smiles while I passed and then I heard that little guy proclaim, “Dad, tell her she needs to get out of the way.” In which his dad replayed in a slightly embarrassed tone, “Hey! Be nice!” It was hilarious, I tell you what.

Both times I have hiked this trail, all of the people whom I passed were extremely nice. I mean, I wouldn’t expect anything less out of a bunch of outdoor enthusiasts;) They were all smiles and “How are you”s. I even got a “Happy hiking!”, which I have never heard before, from one of the park rangers. I thought this little greeting was pretty awesome so now I say it all the time. Unfortunately, there are no dogs allowed on this particular trail. I really, really love dogs so it kind of makes me sad, but I usually pass by one or two dogs on it anyway… I’m not complaining!

The peak of this little, fun hill is so so breathtakingly beautiful. The top is a plateau, so it’s wide open country. It makes me feel as if I just entered Jurassic park or some prehistoric dinosaur land when I’m on the top of Table Rock. It’s really super cool, I feel like I need to let out a little screech or something when I emerge from the forest into the wide open flat land. At the top, there is a little fence and a few trails that cut off in different directions so one can explore. Hikers are advised to remain on the trail to help protect the vernal pools that reside around the land. We don’t want to be ruining those little guys! The view of the city and farm land from the edge of Table Rock is amazing. But I find views from any high peaks to be amazing no matter where I am, so it’s really up to you to decide if it’s amazing or not I guess. Which I don’t see how some one wouldn’t find it amazing!

Table Rock is a must for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s beautiful, relaxing, and an easy, short hike. Guaranteed to make you feel great, look great, and see great natures!

Happy Hiking,

Nettie Pitman



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