Wow, what a crazy new year it has been so far! I have encountered so many new people, new opportunity, new adventure just within these previous three months of 2018. Going into this year I was optimistic that it would be a year of new growth, and so far, this belief has been unwavering. I am […]

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Running with the Wolves

On January 1st of 2017, I stood outside of a forest, observing, knowing that I would have to enter and trek through at some point. With a timid sense of being, I stepped into the tree-filled abyss. I didn’t know what would come of this journey. Would I be chased by wolves? Or would I […]

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Second Stop: Colo(rad)o Pt. 2

Family and friends mean the world to me; as I’m sure they do for most. This is what my entire Colorado trip was- family and friends. The second part of my trip led me across the entire southern area of Colorado. On the way, passing through my Grandmas hometown and the places she grew up […]

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Second Stop: Colo(rad)o Pt. 1

There is a reason why the word “rad” is in Colorado. It’s such a plentiful, amazing, beautiful state! I was lucky enough to be able to explore many different areas of Colorado during the second part of my end-of-the-summer solo trip. Colorado has been my second home away from Oregon my entire life; half of […]

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First Stop: Moab, UT

I was extremely blessed to have the opportunity to take a solo end-of-the-summer-adventure to Colorado. I have loved ones in Colorado who I haven’t been able to visit for a couple years, so it was my first choice destination. The normal route from Oregon to Colorado that my mom and I usually took was through […]

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Conquering Life’s Mountains

Hiking to peak of a mountain. Every person in this world can relate. This may be physically and mentally engaging oneself in the motion to conquer one of earth’s land bubbles, or it could be picking oneself off of the ground to conquer one of life’s strenuous, uphill climbs. Mountains are part of life and […]

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Hiking: Upper Table Rock

10/10 highly recommend upper table rock trail. This trail is located in the beautiful Medford, Oregon and is such a nice hike. I have done this hike twice now and each time I loved it! This trail is moderately easy and casual and only 1.25 miles long. There are a few steep areas but really […]

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